Instituut voor Thought Field Therapy

TFT in Maastricht Echt en via gsm telefoon

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Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Thought Field Therapy is one of the power therapies of the 21st century. 
Dr. Roger J. Callahan discovered more then thirty years ago the fundamental cause of emotional disquietude. This and his further work led to the understanding of the emotional control system of humans. He discovered that emotional problems follow (a natural) order. This order is an energetically coded piece of information that is NOT located in the brain, but outside the human brain in what Dr. Callahan calls ‘the thought field’. Hence, the name Thought Field Therapy or TFT in short.
Dr. R. Callahan developed a brilliant method of decoding the code of emotional problems. In TFT (anciently discovered) meridian points are used for diagnosing the code of the problem, then treating it by using meridian points in combination with eye movements. By bringing in energy in the meridians in an exact order while thinking of the problem in combination with eye movements the pertubation can be reached and the disturbance due to the problem can be reduced. For following the process, the client starts with an indication of how bad the problem feels at time of the treatment. This subjective number on a scal from 0 to 10 is noted. During treatment the subjective number is normally reduced in quantum like intervals to 0.

Dr. Callahan noticed that for e.g. phobia 75 – 80 % of the clients follow the same code. He calls this an algorithm. There are a number of algorithms (including fobia, trauma, anxiety, addiction) for different emotional problems. The algorithm approach is the first level of TFT.

Other clients that can not be treated by algorithms can be treated by the second level of TFT: causal diagnosis. A specific code for the client is diagnosed, reducing in most cases the problem at that time. Creating room for questions like ‘How long does it last?’, which in itself is a compliment for the treatment. Questions like this are normally not asked by clients in conventional psychotherapy.
Dr. Callahan discovered that the code of an emotional problem can be extracted from the voice. It is holographically stored in the voice of a client. This is the third and most powerful level of TFT and is called Voice Technology™ (TFT VT in short). Only therapist with the designation TFT-Adv or TFT-VT can give a TFT VT treatment. By a TFT ADV or VT specialist the most difficult cases can be solved. Also clients that cannot be diagnosed by causal diagnosis can benefit from VT.

The therapist in the Institute of Thought Field Therapy is  trained on all three levels and thereby can treat most of the emotional disturbing problems of their clients.

At a regular basis we treat people that cannot speak Dutch. Your native tongue does not need to be Dutch, English or German. If you do not speak these languages frequently, some speaking knowledge of English or German should most of the times be good enough for requesting a consult.
For further information, please use the Language translation option for a Google translation of the Dutch pages.